Puppies - Facts about F1 Labradoodle puppies

  An F1b hybrid is the result of crossing a pedigree with an F1 hybrid.

Here at Blodwens Labradoodles we cross our purebred poodle bitches with
our homebred F1 Labradoodle. The resulting puppies are basically 3⁄4 poodle,
1⁄4 Labrador. This combination results in more chance of a low / non moult coat
and a slightly smaller, finer boned dog than the F1 cross.

A Our F1b Labradoodle is the result of cross-breeding a purebred Standard
Poodle and a F1 Labradoodle.

We have crossed our purebred cream poodle bitches with a black F1 Labradoodle. The puppies should mature to a height of between 21” and 26”.


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