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  ALICE 2010 (F1)
Vicky, Just some lovely thoughts to share about Alice
Thank you very much for providing us with so much pleasure!
Yes...the name Alice (chosen by the girls) has stuck and
actually suits her!

She is the most gorgeous creature, so a credit to you and her
parents! She is the most affectionate loveable girl who is a
very clever. She loves water, chewing everything
(especially shoes) and stays very close by, doesn't stray
and just loves to have company, and she loves living in the
forest on the doorstep but doesn't realise how spoilt she is.

She is black and shiny with slight white eyebrows. We haven't
had her spade yet and would plan to have only one set of
pups only, off her for our friends and family who are equally
as captivated by her ..but not for a while !

Would love the help of a beautiful labradoodle black boy in
time - if you can guide and advise in the future? Big thanks
again, and I hope you don't mind receiving this e-mail

Hope you are well!

Jenny, Hamish Milly & Rosie

LOU LOU 2010 (F1)
Hi Vicky, Loulou is brilliant, everybody loves her. She is
responding very well to the puppy training classes we are
doing and learning really fast.

Her one bad point at the moment is thieving anything and
everything, even weedkiller - although thankfully she didn't
like it - from a closed high drawer! So far she's had 3 tubs of
buter, 4 loaves of bread and a bag of spinach and counting....
Loulou has been exposed to small children ( excellent), lots
of dogs coming into her territory and sharing her toys ( not a
problem) and travelling to Blackpool ( exciting).

So all in all we love her to bits.

Thanks Amanda

MAX 2010 (F1)

Max is a much loved member of our family, he enjoys tearing
around the garden with the boys, he barks at the lawn mower,
hoover, brooms and rakes.

He behaves very well on a walk until we see another person
or dog, and then goes mad with excitement wanting to say
hello. He loves everyone he meets and is very enthusiastic.
Max passed his puppy classes and has a certificate (he
did have a rosette except he chewed it).

He loves taking shoes off the shoe rack because then
everyone chases him around the garden trying to get them
back. We are just wondering when he is going to stop
growing...most people who meet him for the first time laugh
at the size of his feet...

Kind regards, Kiri.

MOLLY 2010 (F1)

Hi Vicky, An update on Molly. She sleeps on her back with
her legs in the air. She will often sit down when she is eating
her dinner. She adores playing with other dogs especially
other puppies.

When you take her for a walk, she runs ahead and then sits
down and watches you till you catch up. Has started to get a
smattering of grey hairs coming through her coat, especially
around the eyes. We will be starting dog training with her this
Thursday but is very well behaved already. Likes to hold
things in her mouth, like her lead or a glove, when you go
for a walk.

We are just so pleased with her, she has such a lovely nature.


OSCAR 2010 (F1)

Just thought I would let you know how Oscar is getting on.
I have attached a few pics for you to see, he is such a lovely
puppy, a real pleasure to have. He has grown so much these
past few months, I think he grows almost daily! He is an
amazing little chap, so laid back, playful when he wants and
everyone who meets him wants to take him home, he has
such a lovely nature.

Oscar and Penny are getting on really well, she loves him
to bits and is so good with him, they hate to be apart now
which is lovely to see. He had a health check at the vets and
they say he is just how he should be and they said it was
nice to see a puppy with his confidence which is obviously
down to you and how he was raised on your farm and of
course his lovely mum. I have attached a couple of pics
for you to see, but even those are a bit out of date as he has
grown since last week.

If you would like anymore pictures at anytime I would be
more than happy to send you more if you need them. I am
sure you will be able to get some more testimonials as
I am sure all the people who had puppies the same time
as me are just as delighted and thrilled as I am. Let me
know if I can be of any further help as I would be only to
happy to say what a wonderful breed they are and what a
great breeder you are.

Oscar and Penny say hi and are looking forward to becoming

Take care Lin

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