Puppies - Daisy Diamond’s First Litter

  There is great excitement about our latest news – Daisy Diamond, our3yr old
elegant standard poodle has been mated to ‘Pip’ (Wheathold Fuzzy Peg) and
had her first ever litter of pups on 6th February.

All the pups are black (like dad) and have lovely soft crinkly coats.

These pups will be ‘F1’ type full size Labradoodles – ie, rough and shaggy
coated and should stand around 25 -27” at the shoulders.  These dogs make
great family pets for an active lifestyle.  We recommend that they go to homes
with plenty of space and a generous garden.  They are popular as ‘town’ dogs,
but do need regular excersise.

The pups will be socialised with all household noises and activities, will have
been around chickens, cats and played with by lots of children. They have
been wormed every 2 weeks from birth, will have their first vaccination,
microchip and come with 4 weeks free insurance when they are ready to
leave us. When you collect your puppy, we will give her/him a flea treatment, give
you a supply of food, a scent toy (which smells of ‘mum and litter mates)

We are just at the end of the phone or an email to answer any queries or questions.  We want you to enjoy your puppy and we want to help you develop your pup into
a well-behaved, great, fun dog.


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