Puppies - Blodwens Labradoodles

  Blodwens Labradoodles are carefully bred to make the best family pets. The
temperament of parents, grandparents and great grandparents has been
carefully researched and considered and our bitches are primarily family pets
who are involved in all aspects of our lives and activities. They travel with us
everywhere and we are proud to own and breed puppies who can cope with any
situation and make you proud to own a Blodwens dog!

As you will see from the website, we are a small farm and breed horses aswell
as having a variety of other animals – chickens, geese, pigs, cats and Herbert the
Donkey. Our puppies meet all these animals and learn to be calm and happy in
every new situation. By doing so at an early age, they are set up for life – to be
confident and well adjusted dogs.

Here at Blodwen’s Labradoodles, we will discuss your requirements and ask
what it is about a Labradoodle you like. Being a crossed breed, they are all
different and we will advise you on what puppy is likely to become the sort of dog
you want. We are always happy to offer advice on bringing your new puppy up to
be the sort of dog you had hoped for and will offer tips and help that suits you
and your lifestyle so your Blodwens Labradoodle has a lovely relationship with you.

We only breed from our 2 bitches once per year and they will only have a total of
3 litters each. They are very special to us and would never be over-bred or put
under any stress through having too many litters. There is always a healthy
interest in our eagerly awaited litters. If you want to be kept up to date on the latest
news, please contact us to be added to our mailing list.

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