Microchipping your Pet


Blodwens Stud are now offering Microchipping for your pet. Microchip prices
from just £12.00 with multi-pet offers and groups chipped with discounts and
incentives.  We also offer a mobile microchip service if your pet is nervous or
not keen on travelling.

Microchipping is now recognised as the most effective and secure way of
permanently identifying a pet. A unique identification number is registered to the
animal and the owner's details are placed on a national database.

Sadly, the reality is that of the many thousands of dogs that go missing each
year, it is estimated that less than half of them are reunited with their owners.
Don't wait until it's too late. Get your dog microchipped and have the assurance
that should he become lost (or be stolen), he is more likely to be returned to you
safe and sound.


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