Why Microchip?


If you have ever had a pet go missing, no doubt you will clearly remember the
feeling of anxiety, panic and complete helplessness. Last year alone, Petlog
assisted with over 108,000 lost & found pet calls in the UK.

Pets can be lost on walks, become confused after a house move, gates can be accidentally left open… and most worryingly of all, they can even be stolen.

If your pet is lost and has no permanent form of identification, there is no way of tracing your details. Pets can stray from one local authority area to another, and owners often have no idea who to go to report a missing pet. This is especially
the case if you take your pets on holiday.

If your pet has had a Pet ID microchip implanted, any of the agencies handling missing and stray pets can quickly scan the microchip, call the Central Microchip Reunification Number (CMRN) – 0844 4633 999 and obtain your details to quickly reunite you and your pet. One simple injection means lifetime protection for your

Details of pets and owners are only given out by Petlog to authorised persons to assist with the re-unification of you and your pet.

What makes these Microchips special?
Even though all companion animal microchips meet international standards, manufacturing techniques vary and there can be small variances in performance reliability.

Vicky uses Pet ID microchips which are manufactured in Switzerland using
advanced engineering techniques to ensure reliability and quality. You can rest assured that these microchips will keep on working for the lifetime of your pet.

The inner circuitry of the Pet ID microchip is sealed during manufacture to
prevent the possibility of failure. Each chip is also coated with an anti-migratory
coating called Parylene C to ensure that the chip stays exactly where it is

The Pet ID microchip delivery system
Microchips are injected underneath the animal’s skin. Vicky uses a needle that is significantly narrower than most on the market. In fact it is so narrow, it can fit
inside many competitors’ needles. This means that using this Pet ID needle is
a much less invasive procedure.

Registration of Pet ID microchips
For total security, Pet ID runs a ‘backtrack’ system that logs all microchips and implanters onto a database both in-house and on the Petlog database, owned
and run by The Kennel Club. As implanters always keep a copy of every implanted
chip, along with details of the implanted animal and its owner, your pet can still
be traced even before Petlog receives registration details.

The benefits of Pet ID microchips
– Guaranteed for life
– Glass encapsulated for total impermeability
– Coated with Parylene C anti-migratory coating
– Developed by experts with over 20 years’ industry experience
– Registered with Petlog the UK’s largest microchip re-unification database.
– Narrowest gauge needle for a less invasive procedure
– ISO FDXB microchips - Ideal for The Pet Travel Scheme
– Comes with 4 weeks free insurance cover
– Pet ID is a founder member of The Microchip Advisory Group


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