Horses & Donkeys - Herbert's Santa Special

  Special for 2010 is Herbert’s role as Santa’s Special Messenger.

Herbert has been especially commissioned by Santa Claus to travel around the
country in November & December, collecting letters addressed to Santa.
The children write the letters on magic paper which Herbert sends out to your
home or school in advance of his visit. Herbert comes to your house, school or
party to collect the letters. These letters are posted into the special letter box
which Herbert carries on his back. Herbert promises to deliver each letter and in
return takes a little piece of carrot.

Nearer to Christmas day, Herbert has a magical sleigh which he pulls. This special
sleigh carries all the presents for the children, and is a great hit at parties where
presents can be handed out from the sleigh.

Please see our contact page for booking Herbert for your party and to discuss any theme ideas you may wish to use.

Herbert’s Grand Days Out are charged on a half-day basis.
Prices start from £200.00.

Herbert is based in North Hampshire.
Travelling expenses are charged at cost.
Please call or email us to discuss your requirements and ideas.

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