Horses & Donkeys - Testimonals

  Thea & Rachael
‘’I bought Thea from Vicky in June 2008 as a just turned
5 year old. I was looking for a general riding horse mainly
for hacking, showing, dressage and riding club activities
but also anything else we might want to have a go at

Thea certainly has her own personality but she is essentially
an intelligent, kind and affectionate mare and generally
pretty sensible too. I like to think she inherited all the good
traits from each purebred grandparent with a few others
thrown in that make her unique!

Thea seems to be the type of horse who could do as little or
as much work as you’d want her to and is the same if you
ride her one day to the next or after a week or more holiday.
She’s definitely not dull but she’s not a fizzy type either. I
have been taking things fairly slowly with her, as I’m not
quite as daring in the saddle as I was 20 years ago - but I’ve
no doubt in more capable hands she could probably turn
her hoof to anything and do very well at it. What I like about
Thea is that at the moment she is happy to give what I want
from her but I know there’s still plenty left in the tank when
we’re both ready for it!

I still feel very fortunate to own such a beautiful horse and it’s
been a real experience learning with her - she’s got a home
for life with me and I would recommend Vicky to other people
looking for a horse.’’

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