Horses & Donkeys - The Brecknock Stud

  The Brecknock Stud was founded in 1993 when we bought a purebred shire
mare ‘Espsyke Ruby’ and put her to the Shire stallion ‘Witney Frank Millin’
The result was ‘Brecknock Pearl. For the next 12 years, Pearl and Ruby went on to
breed half bred shires, all by the same Andalucian Stallion Bordeguero X.

This half shire half andalucian mix seemed to combine the best of both breeds.
The resulting offspring have bone and substance, whilst being light on their feet
and full of spirit. They make terrific hunters and great allround fun horses for both
driving and riding.

The horses bred by Breckock Stud are all named after songs and singers from
the rock band Queen, after we had an idea to breed a team of 4 driving horses
who would give displays to loud music. There has been a Mercury, Bohemian
Rhapsody, Barcelona, Made in Heaven, Delilah - to name just a few.

We usually breed just one or two foals each year and the horses we have bred
so far have grown up into good ‘old fashioned’ sorts.

They make hunters, jumpers, driving horses and are simply incredible allrounders.

Please contact us for an update of current horses for sale or hire.

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